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No matter which Vertex Aerial Solutions service you need, you’ll experience quality service. Whether it is professional imagery of your home, commercial building or a full thermal report on both, we got you covered.

Private Property
Sewage Filtration


Prevent costly repairs

Whether you are concerned about moisture intrusion in your roof or concerned that your windows are not holding in the heat, Vertex Aerial Solutions can come out and do a quick thermal report. Preventing costly repairs is the goal!


Save money. Save manpower

Preventative building maintenance is a must with any commercial building. We can provide thermal reports on both large and small buildings that can help find damaged areas fast and easy without the ladder!

Professional Imagery

Birds eye view

You need a professional picture of your building that a camera just cannot quite capture? Want a time lapse of your building process? Need a large group photo of your whole office? Vertex Aerial Solutions is your one stop shop!

To find out more about these and other services, get in touch with Vertex Aerial Solutions LLC today.

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