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In the Woods

Residential Services

We tailor each job to our client's needs. Each house is unique and each client has different wants. Below are the services we offer for residential homes. If you are interested in something not listed please reach out, we are always happy to talk!

  • Thermal report (internal/external)

  • Aerial photography

  • Aerial videography

  • Aerial time lapse

  • Orthomosaic

  • Basic 3D model of home

The Before

Thermal cameras can detect temperature irregularities that show as hot spots or cold spots in thermal images. In the image to the right, we discovered this residential home had suffered moisture infiltration across the entire right side of the roof. This was not visible to the naked eye. We compiled both internal and external thermal images, along with high definition images into a thermal report and provided it to the homeowner.

Website Residental 1.PNG
website 2_edited.jpg

The After

The homeowner then contacted a roof inspector who confirmed that the roof was in need of replacement. After the roof was replaced, the homeowner reached out to us again to have another thermal report done as they wanted before and after reports. As you can see in the picture to the left the damaged was repaired.

Thermal reports are beneficial for people looking to buy a home, currently own their home and even those trying to sell their home. Find the unseen damage to prevent further damage and expensive repairs. 

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